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Director's Profile

The core members of the team are:

Michel LECAVALIER is a financial expert with 30 years experience, acting both as line management and financial advisor in the areas of communications, telecommunications, software development, consumer products, drugs and transportation equipment, both in Canada and in more than 25 countries on all continents. Mr. Lecavalier has been instrumental to the bidding party to secure mobile licences in the Czech Republic and Brazil, in addition to the successful completion of the acquisition of two major mobile operators in Brazil. Mr. Lecavalier has acted as Chief Financial Officer and financial advisor for various mobile operators, both in the Americas and in Asia. ( Download CV


Lawrie McDONALD is a consultant with a complete telecommunications background with responsibilities in the areas of network design as well as project and contract management. Mr. McDonald was instrumental in establishing the first PCS network in the world (one2one in the UK) and responsible for designing and implementing the fastest ever deployment of a cellular mobile network. This was the third cellular mobile operator (Oskar in the Czech Republic). Mr. McDonald holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and has more than 30 years' experience in the sector, of which the last 12 years have been with mobile networks. ( Download CV


Viet Ha TRAN is an expert in strategic planning, research, forecasting and market demand analysis. This expertise has been developed over a 30-year period in six different sectors, namely, telecommunications, export development, hospitality and tourism, transportation, retail and industrial goods. In the bid team which won the bid for a 1800 MHz cellular mobile licence in the Czech Republic in 1999 and later the 3G auction in the UK Mr. Tran was responsible for evaluating all demand forecasts and drawing up the marketing plans for these new ventures. ( Download CV


Dr. Peter A. STERN has been a consultant on behalf of the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the International Telecommunication Union, the Inter-American Development Bank, US Aid, and the Canadian International Development Agency to governments and regulators in telecommunication policy, sector reform, privatization options, price regulation, interconnection, international settlements, and the estalishment of market liberalization commitments under the General Agreement in Trade in Services (GATS). Dr. Stern is also special advisor on regulation and spectrum licensing to a Montreal-based company developing, financing, and operating terrestrial-based wireless systems around the world. Dr. Stern is co-author of several books on sector reform (two with the World Bank) and has written numerous papers on telecommunication policy, regulation and trade and holds three patents in signal processing for facsimile. Dr. Stern has a B.A.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, a M ès Sc. A. from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de L'Aeronautique in Paris, a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Paris and an MA in Economics from Concordia University in Montreal. ( Download CV


VinhDam Nguyen, RF Expert, has over 30 years of experience from hands-on technical ground work to design of networks, managing teams of engineers in many startups and successful conversion of one technology to another. Full experience in TDMA, CDMA, GSM and design for 3G systems. Mr. Nguyen developed many design tools for network optimization and all of them are still running in various operations. His exposure is worldwide ranging from China, India, Brazil, Jordan, Canada to many European projects. ( Download CV


Timothy Quinn has 20 years national and international telecom experience in Operator and Vendor environments with extensive management experience as Chief Technical Officer, Director, GTPM and Manager pertaining to Engineering, Operations, IT and Technical Sales. His expertise covers core network design, planning, integration, QOS/security, implementation, interconnection and operation of NGN, mobile, wireline and adjunct networks. Tim participated in five International greenfield network start-ups mobile and wireline with many short term consulting projects in the United States, Jordan and Caribbean, and most recently acting as General Technical Project Manager to restructure and manage operations for an existing mobile operator in Mozambique( Download CV


Sébastien Poisson is an accomplished engineer specializing in the delivery of fixed and wireless telecommunications services with over 15 years industry experience. His international career in full-time engineering positions for Bell Canada International and SNC Lavalin has permitted him to plan, deploy and operate many national wireless networks using a broad range of wireless technologies, even before the word broadband was commonplace. Prior to that, he was also active in the deployment of fixed networks. Since 2003 Mr. Poisson has provided technical consulting services to telecommunications regulators in Jordan, Madagascar, Maldives, Morocco, and Oman on issues of national network design and deployment, QoS implementation, radio frequency pricing, modeling, planning and spectrum management, as well as the design of fiber, satellite, cellular, WiFi and WiMax systems for commercial and industrial use. In addition, he has advised operators on national design and roll-out in license bids in Iraq, Morocco and Palestine. Mr. Poisson holds an engineering degree in telecommunications from University of Quebec and a Masters Degree in telecommunication system modeling from University of Quebec INRS Telecom and the Fraunhoffer Institute in Germany. His modeling approach for base band systems has been published at ICECS-97 in Egypt. ( Download CV


Other Team Members

Other than the core group the team consists of a number of highly qualified members with expertise in: all aspects tender preparation; carrying out due diligence analyses; providing full support of start-up companies; preparing telecommunications policies and supporting the regulatory process; doing market analyses; and providing financial and business development advisory services, especially in the area of terrestrial wireless operations. This includes people with the required Engineering, Legal, Commercial, Marketing, Financial and Human Resources expertise. This expertise can be made readily available to suit the particular requirements of each project or assignment.