QPR Scorecard

Interactive Software Committing people to Objectives and Processes

QPR started in 1991 with one goal: to create state-of-the-art software applications that make corporate decision making easier, faster and more effective.

QPR develops interactive software products, committing people to organizational objectives and processes. QPR's customer driven R& D develops reliable and fast implementing
solutions that support planning, implementing and communicating Process Management and Balanced ScoreCard.

QPR business is done together with high scope international distribution partner network in over 50 countries.

QPR is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. In addition QPR has a technology excellence centre in Oulu, Finland. QPR is listed in Helsinki Stock Exchange NM list.

QPR ScoreCard is an automated software solution for implementing Balanced Scorecard and strategic performance measurement and management. With QPR ScoreCard, organizations successfully plan, implement, communicate and commit people to organizational strategies and objectives.

QPR ScoreCard is a quick and easy way for implementing Balanced Scorecard. Efficient and automatic web publishing brings personalized strategic objectives to every employee’s desktop from the very beginning of the implementation process.

QPR ScoreCard Communicates the Strategic Performance QPR ScoreCard is an easy-to-use, scalable solution that can be deployed to both stand-alone and a corporate wide system. It combines the power of visual scorecarding and the ease of web-based utilization. QPR ScoreCard can be seamlessly embedded to your corporate look and feel. It can be integrated to your existing IT-infrastructure and data to enable automated updating of scorecards. QPR ScoreCard requires minimal IT-administration resulting in minimal running costs. By implementing QPR ScoreCard you make your employees committed to reach the goals and follow the strategy that you define. Automation of both numerical and action plan information gathering and delivery focuses more time for superior performance and reaching both operative and strategic goals.





BENEFITS OF QPR Scorecard Software

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