Recent Projects

2013 - Participated in the Bid Team responsible for the preparation of the Mobile Licence Application in Myanmar on behalf of Ooredoo.

2011 - Developed a Business Plan for a Wireless Video Surveillance Start-up with world-wide market potential.

2010 - Developed a Business Plan for Qtel International to assess the potential of entering the Syria’s third wireless licence bid.

2009 - Developed a comprehensive Excel Model for Tower Sharing Scenarios and advised Indosat Indonesia on the Tower Sharing Strategy.

2008 - Provided Business Planning consulting services to Qtel International for various Bids and country opportunity evaluations (Morocco, Turkey, Iran).

Prepared full Business Plan documents for Exeo Technologies, a Home Automation company in Canada..
Prepared Business Plan and Investors Brief for Speccom Algeria for a FTTx Business Start-up..
Assisted Medical Intelligence Inc. in developing its market research and market entry strategy in Europe for its wireless medical alert products.

2007- Working with a private equity fund, responsible for the Business Plan modeling for the successful bid for Bite, the mobile operators in Lithuania and Latvia. Assessed the Business Potential for a wireless opportunity in Moldova, and recommended client not to proceed with the project. Completed Business Plan modeling for a M&A project in Austria. This project has just been completed in august 2008. Prepared a market research study including market demand scenarios for MINCOM, Tunisia regarding the introduction of 3G licences.

2006 - Tranzen team members have been extremely active in the Middle Eastern wireless market since the latter half of 2005. During that time, we have successfully completed the following projects for Middle Eastern clients:

1) Submission of the technical bid for the third mobile licence auction in Yemen.
2) Submission of the technical bid for the third mobile and 3G licence auction in Egypt
3) Submission of the technical bid for the second mobile and 3G licence auction for Palestine
4) Submission of the bid for a 3G licence in Morocco where the bid received the highest ranking for the detailed network coverage, rollout and quality of service plans

Each of these submissions involved the full portfolio of activities required to ensure that our clients were able to submit completely compliant and highly ranked bids. These activities included but were not limited to the following:

o Preparation and supervision of market research
o In-depth market forecasts including subscribers, products and services, revenues and market share complemented with an analysis of 2G to 3G migration where appropriate
o Detailed radio and core network designs including coverage and rollout plans
o Detailed operations and maintenance plans
o Human resource planning
o Customer care and billing plan
o Complete business plans, financing plans and associated risk analyses
o Review and analysis of equipment vendor responses to RFPs
o In depth regulatory reviews including review and analysis of draft licences
o Overall coordination, preparation and editing of bid submission

Saudi Arabia 2005 - Provided a Business Plan and evaluation for iDEN Push-to-talk market potential for a start-up operator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This Business plan was used as the basis for an application for financing with a major US Bank.

Morocco 2005 - Provided a market evaluation for 3G business in Morocco. This evaluation includes, among others, an assessment of market size, and diferrent impacts to the industry between scenarios of two versus three 3G licences to be awarded.

Algeria 2004 - Prepared a "Demand and Revenue Assessment for the Algerian Mobile Telephony Market 2004-2018". This document and other financial planning were put together for the purpose of refinancing the operations of a new Mobile Network in Algeria.

Algeria 2004 - Provided advice on market research, segmentation, pricing strategy and forecast for a start-up Wireless Operator in Algeria in preparation for the commercial launch.

Romania 2004 - Prepared 3G forecast, and Commercial Plan for Connex for the 3G Bid Document for a 3G licence in Romania during 4th quarter of 2004.

Romania 2004 - Updated the document "Demand and Revenue Assessment for the Romania Cellular Mobile Telephone Market" for 2004.

Anguilla 2003 - Conducted an evaluation and grading of the Commercial Section of the three Bid Submissions for a second cellular licence in Anguilla

Romania 2003 - Prepared a Price Optimization Model for Mobifon SA. This project was followed by a Usage Elasticity study and a Best Practices on Tariffs and Promotion study.

Romania 2002-2003 - Prepared an independent study entitled "Demand and Revenue Analysis for the Romanian Cellular Mobile Telephone Market" for Mobifon SA. This document was then presented to EBRD bank and other investors for refinancing purposes. The mandate was first completed within two weeks during May 2002, and updated in 2003.

Yugoslavia 2002 - Prepared a whitepaper re: The Need for a Third GSM Licence in Serbia. Conducted two primary market studies to validate arguments for a third celullar licence.

Taiwan 2001 - Member of a joint TIW Asia and Easter Broadband Telecom team in Taipei to head up the preparation for an eventual bid for a 3G licence in Taiwan. Advised EBT to pursue CDMA 2000, and helped develop their Marketing Plan for the Qualification Document. Developed different forecast scenarios, marketing plan and market positioning for EBT.

ASIA: 2001 - Advised TIW Asia in developing a revenues and marketing plan for a Korea ESMR project. Advised TIW Asia in developing the Dataco Strategy.

DUE DILIGENCE IN THREE (3) ASIAN COUNTRIES: 2001 - Responsible for the marketing aspects of the due diligence exercise in three Asian countries. Managed staff and various consultants, each responsible for different aspects of marketing. For each of these projects, the team produced a detail report of findings, recommendations, and the market value for the projects.

MOBILE MARKET RESEARCH: 2000-2001 - Conducted primary and secondary market research in: Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovakia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Austria. Provided inputs to the project evaluation of South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, etc.

UMTS: 2000 - Participated in various UMTS projects (the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, etc.). Developed a unique 3G forecasting model, one of the most powerful forecasting packages available in the industry, which has been highly regarded by equipment vendors such as Ericsson and Siemens. Completed research in six European countries and developed ways to incorporate the market based information in TIW 3G model. Prepared a document to project a TIW vision on UMTS, which has since become an integral part of TIW's various presentations to prospective partners, investors and vendors.

BRAZIL PCS: 2000 - Key member of the bid team for Brazil on the PCS opportunities in Sao Paulo and Rio. Prepared various forecasts, segmentation analysis, price elasticity and market entry strategy.

HONG KONG AND MALAYSIA: 1999 - Did a due diligence on two prospective operations: Sunday in Hong Kong and Digi in Malaysia. Made assessments of their market values and recommended investment strategies.

CZECH REPUBLIC: 1999 - Responsible for the demand and market analysis section (including product and service development, pricing) of the Bid document. Developed the MASS MARKET MISSION theme. Conducted two market studies, segmentation and "conjoint analysis". TIW won the license in the Czech Republic in October 1999, against 8 other major telecommunications consortia including Vodafone, Orange, BT, France Telecom etc.

HUNGARY: 1999 - Played a key role in the bid team for the third PCS license, in conjunction with British Telecom. Coordinated extensive research including "conjoint analysis" for this project, and worked with BT on the marketing section of the bid.

BRAZIL: 1999 - Advisor to cellular operator Telemig (Band A) in Minas Gerais for a major piece of market research, including "conjoint pricing analysis". As a result of this research, advised Telemig management on optimal tariffs for self-competing post-paid and new pre-paid plans. Developed a forecast and budget for the first three years of operations.

KOREA: 1999 - Developed a market forecast and participated in a due diligence at KT Freetel.

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