What is CRM?

Gain the Customer Loyalty You Deserve

Acquiring more customers, retaining more existing ones, becoming more efficient while improving your image are the main "expected outcomes" of a properly implemented Customer Relationship Management system.

ACCPAC CRM is a comprehensive, award-winning, wireless and Internet-based Customer Relationship Management system that provides enterprise-wide access to vital customer, partner and prospect information - anytime, anywhere.

ACCPAC CRM is simple to implement, easy to use, great to work with, and can be integrated to your existing systems using open Internet standards and integration technologies.

Talk to TranZen to explore how you could reach a higher level of results by applying the ACCPAC CRM software in your organization.

TranZen is a Business Partner of ACCPAC International, Inc. based in California, USA. ACCPAC is a leading global provider of award-winning end-to-end business management applications for mid-market enterprises

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